It’s said that most people don’t get what they want in life because they DONT KNOW what they want in life! We spend more time planning a holiday than planning our lives. Think about that. When we go on holiday, we know where we are going. We find the best routes and transport systems to get there. We may do research on the local attractions and look at excursions we’d like to take. We may even schedule in days for activities and exploration and days when we will rest. And we definitely will spend time packing everything we may need or even pack an extra carry on bag incase our luggage goes missing!

But how many of us decide where we want to go in life and plan it with such care. Most people wander through life thinking that life happens to them and they’ve no power in the circumstances let alone the outcome. But we have choices and if we decide on our destination, set our intentions to go there, (see blogs Bring Back Abundance 1-4) a Vision Board is probably the most useful visualisation tool we can use.

We know that visualisation works and Olympic athletes and world leaders have been using it for years to improve their performance. With a Vision Board you’ll get more clarity on what you actually want and it will allow you to focus your attention on your intentions and goals.