We are all bombarded every day with messages from different sources; the people around us, the television, the radio, social media, newspapers, magazines and advertising, to name a few. Our senses are overwhelmed with information and yet we tend to remain unaware that we’re regurgitating the same thoughts we had yesterday, the day before and the day before that. 

We’re not analysing our thoughts, we’re accepting them as fact, as truth, but we don’t have to believe what we think

Think about the situation you’re in at the moment. Have you been in this situation for a while; days, months, years? 

Have you promised yourself that you’ll change? Are you convinced that things will be different in the future, you just can’t see that change happening right now, for one hundred and one reasons that you’ve convinced yourself are true?

Remember, we don’t have to believe what we think.

Have you resigned yourself to the fact that you won’t change now? Do you find yourself saying; ‘this is just how I am’ or ‘this is how it’s always been?’

Remember, we don’t have to believe what we think.

Have you looked at other people’s lives and thought; ‘I wish I had their success, their lifestyle, a relationship that is as happy as theirs?’

Remember, we don’t have to believe what we think!

We have at least 60,000 thoughts a day. It’s unrealistic to think that we can analyse all of them, but we can start by recognising how we’re feeling. If we’re feeling anxious, overwhelmed or frustrated, it’s a direct result of our thoughts. If we’re feeling excited, happy or curious, it’s also a direct result of our thoughts. 

How are you feeling?

Right now, how are you feeling?

Would you like to change how you’re feeling?

Which words are you using to describe how you’re feeling about your current situation? Those words are creating your reality. That reality forms a belief and that belief, in turn, underpins your emotions.

In my Change Makers’ Club, the Law of Thinking is the first Universal Law that you’ll focus on. Most people only think about the Law of Attraction in terms of the Universal Laws but without understanding and implementing the Law of Thinking, you’ll struggle to move forward with the changes you want to make in your life. If you know that you’ve been ‘trying to change’ for many years and the same patterns keep appearing, I can help you. 

Join me in the Change Makers’ Club and stay as long as you’d like to. There’s no pressure, you’re in control. It’s a no brainer to join at the current price, just give it a try, you have nothing to lose. You’ll meet like-minded women who are making tangible changes in their lives. You’ll learn about how to create change in your own life and you’ll have all the tools to support you in doing so. You’ll also have my support in the group; your mentor, your cheerleader, your friend. 

I can’t wait to welcome you in. 

Love & light,

Glyniss x

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