Jumpstart Your Magic is a 75 minute session with me in person or online. It’s absolutely fantastic at getting right to the point and seeing where you may be stuck with manifesting all you big dreams in life.
First, I do a full card reading with 15 cards. This allows me to read the energy of where you are stuck and gives beautiful positive ways to help you push through any difficult situation. I do some mindset coaching around what comes up in the session and give you simple to follow and implement strategies to help you work your magic with the Law of Attraction. I then make you an individual guided healing meditation to uplift your energy vibration, and implement new beliefs and habits to bring you back to your place of empowerment. I record everything for your study and use after the session and give you supportive suggestions on how to use everything I give you. This also includes a follow up call to check in with your progress and answer any questions that may arise.
Remember the Law of Attraction is working 100% of the time. Be sure you’re working it in your favour and not against you. This session is on offer until February 17 2015 at €160.