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Transform your fear and overwhelm into confidence and empowerment.

Manifest the abundant business of your dreams with this free hypnosis audio.

Working on your own business can be exciting and fulfilling, but what about those times when we feel overwhelmed?

You can spiral down into anxiety, uncertainty and feeling as if you’re not good enough. You may have been feeling optimistic or perhaps you were about to grow and reach the next level just prior to this. Can you relate?

I created this hypnosis audio because this happened to me recently. It can happen to everybody, but it is not a place to stay. The law of attraction responds to our emotions, so when you’re in this place you are manifesting more difficulties.

You may have been starting  to grow bigger than you have ever grown before, to go further than you ever have before. This expansion can trigger the part of our mind that’s trying to keep us safe by keeping us small.

Hypnosis can help. Our subconscious mind records every emotion and every event that made us feel uncomfortable. Hypnosis works on the subconscious mind and is one of the only therapies to release these blocks. It’s just a belief and it can be changed.

You can start this process now, click play on the audio below or download it onto your computer to listen to later. Turn your anxiety to excitement and confidence – and the universe will match this state. Get back to feeling gratitude, joy and confidence.

I really hope you find this hypnosis helpful and I’d love to hear how you go – get in touch at

Love + light,


PS – I love working with women to help them break through these blocks and reach the next level in business. If you’d like to talk about how I may be able to help book your free clarity call here.


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