Conversations with Changemakers

Episode 6: Rachel Gotto

In today’s episode, I’m talking with Rachel Gotto.

Rachel Gotto is a personal transformation coach, clinical hypnotherapist, author and inspirational speaker. 

Her extremely powerful and moving life story of multiple trauma and recovery is what makes her, and her work, stand out. She is a woman who quite literally walks her talk. In her professional capacity she shares her wisdom and experience to help others come through their own personal struggles by adopting the three main strategies that she used in her own journey to full and complete recovery. 

Rachel is an engaging and sincere woman with genuine empathy for others. Just by hearing her life story alone one can’t help but be inspired to believe that the human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it. Her gripping memoir will be published next September. 

To stay in touch with Rachel and what she does you will find her on Instagram @rachelvgotto and Twitter @RachelGotto 

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