Kind Words from Wonderful Clients

I started working with Glyniss to deal with a big problem that was holding me back from being successful in my business. I was scared of being visible, which I’d worked out came from a deep feeling that ‘I wasn’t enough’. I’d tried so many things to tackle this before I worked with Glyniss, but none of them worked.

In all honesty, when Glyniss explained that we did the hypnotherapy over Skype, I was dubious. I thought ‘How on earth could someone be hypnotised by someone not in the same room as them?’. But I went ahead with it as it felt like my last hope of sorting this problem. And I’m SO glad I did because it worked! This work goes so much deeper. It went all the way back to the experiences that caused my issues in the first place, which allowed us to deal with them at source.

Was it easy? No. Going back to those experiences was hard, but man it was worth it. I don’t exaggerate when I say this, but Glyniss changed my life. She helped me heal deep, old wounds that were affecting every part of my life. She helped me kick my fear of visibility to the curb, so much so that the same year I spoke on stage, launched a podcast and did endless Facebook Lives and Webinars (all things that sent the fear of God into me previously). She does it in such a caring, nurturing way that even when you feel at your most vulnerable and raw, you feel safe and looked after. If you feel like you’re being held back, if you have old wounds that need healing so that you can move on, if you’re getting in your own way, then I couldn’t recommend Glyniss enough.

Gemma Went

Business Mentor & Digital Strategist ,

I needed some time focusing on myself and my life/personal/business goals and signed up for the VIP day with Glyniss. She is an expert in this area and customised the day to suit my needs. 

It was a fantastic experience, one which I’d recommend to anyone who wants to use the Law of Attraction to enhance their life but is perhaps a little ‘stuck’. I gained great clarity, strength and encouragement from the day. 

My favourite tool is the guided visualisation that Glynnis recorded specifically for me, which I use every single day. It was exactly the support I needed at the time.

Dee O'Flynn

Beauty Therapist, Waxing and Relaxing

I had RTT (hypnosis) sessions with Glyniss fo rsome lifestyle issues that were holding me back in my business and life. The work was deep, focused and transformational, getting to the root of what was really going on.

Glyniss is incredibly gifted in her expertise and creates an exquisite space to heal. I felt supported, held and nurtured towards the result I wanted. I would not hesitate to recommend Glyniss for anyone who is stuck in their business or life. 

Sarah Leather

Wholehearted Business Coach,

I just had a card reading by Glynnis and I simply HAD to write this testimonial to make others realise just how wonderful she is.

Glynnis doesn’t just pull cards for you, from the beginning she makes sure that the cards are truly aligned with you, incorporating your energy and choices at every step to make sure you receive the wisdom you are seeking. The most beautiful part of Glynnis’s reading is that she is totally there for you, holding space for you and giving you the most beautiful interpretations of each card. You can feel her beautiful kindness and warm heart and know that she is lovingly supporting you through the process.

Glynnis also shares wisdom that runs so deep that you’ll find you receive answers to questions you never knew you were asking. Many things came up that really made me have ‘ah ha’ moments. Some may think pulling cards is simply luck, but the cards that came up for me were beyond relevant!

If you’re not sure who to choose for a card reading, I promise you won’t regret having a reading with Glynnis. You’ll leave with an enormous amount of wisdom.

Thank you, Glynnis! You are an angel x

Joanna Butler

I decided to work with Glynnis because I was dealing with some challenging situations. I really felt that I needed someone to talk to who could help me find my way through them. Having had years of therapy, I knew that a traditional counsellor or psychotherapist was not what I was needing at that point.

Glynnis radiates positivity and warmth and I just knew she was the person I needed to work with. Glynnis gave me tools that I could use to reduce some of the stresses that I was feeling. My favourite aspect of our work together was the meditations that Glynnis recorded for me (which I still use!) Not only was Glynnis an amazing listening ear, she also very gently helped me to focus on what I really wanted and less on what I didn’t want to happen.

Without even feeling like I had really done any work on myself there was a significant shift in a number of areas of my life and much greater balance started to come through. I’m very grateful that I found Glynnis because she made a challenging time much more easy to deal with and we had quite a lot of fun too! Thank you Glynnis for being you.

Shelley Hutchison

I was a bit hesitant at first trying RTT hypnotherapy as I didn’t know whether it would work on me. I struggled enormously with not feeling good enough, being visible, stepping up and I was also at a point where I was constantly trying to prove that I was enough to fight for, to work with etc.

I felt instantaneous relief. I felt so much calmer and relaxed immediately after our first session. After a few weeks of listening to the provided audio, I started to notice the gradual changes in my behaviour, especially in my confidence levels. I was much more candid when meeting new people. I didn’t shrink back as much in public situations. I felt much calmer too when dealing with confrontations. In the long-term, I have noticed huge changes in so many different aspects of my life.

I have now had many sessions with Glyniss, dealing with different aspects I’d been struggling with. Emotional eating and body image issues, self-belief, speaking up and boundaries. All have had a profound effect on me. The changes for me were steady and gradual. It sort of crept up on me without me noticing them. Being in situations that would normally evoke the fight or flight mode, didn’t have that big effect on me anymore. I felt calmer, more relaxed and in the event that I did feel a bit more revved up than normal, I was able to compose myself much faster and above all let go of it easier. 

Overall, I benefited enormously. Since working with Glyniss from July last year, I am a different person. My confidence levels are high, I speak up more without feeling I am going to die and I’m more relaxed about being visible.

Glyniss is the most wonderful person. Her genuine care for me as a person and her love for her profession shines through n everything she does. She can intuitively and accurately pinpoint the areas you require help with. During my sessions, I never once felt unsafe or scared and the breakthroughs are huge. I love how non-invasive it is yet incredibly powerful.

I would absolutely recommend Glyniss, I’d scream it from the rooftops (see how far I’ve come in my confidence levels)! You are in safe caring hands. She knows exactly what she is doing and the results are absolutely mind-blowing.

I’m enormously grateful for the day I came in contact with you, Glyniss. The breakthroughs I have experienced in the last year are amazing. I feel more like me, like who I am meant to be and I would not have felt like this without your sessions. It is worth the investment! 


Joyce De Bakker

System Consultant & ActiveCampaign Expert,

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