Kind Words from Wonderful Clients

….I needed some time focusing on myself and my life/personal/business goals and signed up for the VIP day with Glynnis. She is an expert in this area and customised the day to suit my needs.
It was a fantastic experience, one which I’d recommend to anyone who wants to use the Law of Attraction to enhance their life but is perhaps a little ‘stuck’.
I gained great clarity, strength and encouragement from the day.
My favourite tool is the guided visualisation that Glynnis recorded specifically for me, which I use every single day.
It was exactly the support I needed at the time….
Dee O'Flynn

  • I asked Glynnis to give me a reading a few months after my mother passed as I was a little scared about what I should be doing and I just wanted to connect with something other than my thoughts – I have so many. What she created in the session was like learning to breathe again. I cried at what she said because it was exactly what I needed to hear – I just never knew. Her voice has such a wondrous resonance to it, added to her marvellous Irish lilt, I found it soothing and yet empowering at the same time. The cards I chose were perfect for me and although I was initially a bit sceptical about how it would work over Skype, within minutes I had totally forgotten that we were not in the same room, but we were very well connected.
    Thank you Glynnis. You are now in what I like to call my ‘Life Trust’ – those who I call on to make me trust in life again. Love to you, Kerry Hales, Transformational Life Coach
Kerry Hales

I decided to work with Glynnis because I dealing with some challenging situations. I really felt that I needed someone to talk to who could help me find my way through them. Having had years of therapy I knew that a traditional counsellor or psychotherapist was not what I was needing at that point.
 Glynnis radiates positivity and warmth and I just knew she was the person I needed to work with. Glynnis gave me tools that I could use to reduce some of the stresses that I was feeling. My favourite aspect of our work together was the meditations that Glynnis recorded for me (which I still use!). Not only was Glynnis an amazing listening ear, she also very gently helped me to focus on what I really wanted and less on what I didn’t want to happen.
Without even feeling like I had really done any work on myself there was a significant shift in a number of areas of my life and much greater balance started to come through. I’m very grateful that I found Glynnis because she made a challenging time much more easy to deal with and we had quite a lot of fun too! Thank you Glynnis for being you.
Shelley Hutchinson

Coaching with Glynnis Trinder is the most wonderful gift anyone could give themselves! If you want to have all things, big or small in your life (including your soulmate/life partner) that you ever wanted but didn’t know how to achieve such results, then Glynnis will set you on the path of The Law of Attraction. She will also help you clear blocks ( limiting beliefs) that  prevent you from achieving your wishes.
Glynnis works in the most special, kind, considerate, caring way that leaves you feeling so empowered that you just know that you can achieve anything your heart desires! Glynnis not only allows you to manifest what you want now, she also provides you with the tools that will serve you a lifetime!  She will lead you through the Law of Attraction and its wonderful abundance!

I started working with Glyniss to deal with a big problem that was holding me back from being successful in my business. I was scared of being visible, which I’d worked out came from a deep feeling that ‘I wasn’t enough’. I’d tried so many things to tackle this before I worked with Glyniss, but none of them worked.

In all honesty, when Glyniss explained that we did the hypnotherapy over Skype, I was dubious. I thought ‘How on earth could someone be hypnotised by someone not in the same room as them?’. But I went ahead with it as it felt like my last hope of sorting this problem. And I’m SO glad I did because it worked! This work goes so much deeper. It went all the way back to the experiences that caused my issues in the first place, which allowed us to deal with them at source.

Was it easy? No. Going back to those experiences was hard, but man it was worth it. I don’t exaggerate when I say this, but Glyniss changed my life. She helped me heal deep, old wounds that were affecting every part of my life. She helped me kick my fear of visibility to the curb, so much so that the same year I spoke on stage, launched a podcast and did endless Facebook Lives and Webinars (all things that sent the fear of God into me previously). She does it in such a caring, nurturing way that even when you feel at your most vulnerable and raw, you feel safe and looked after. If you feel like you’re being held back, if you have old wounds that need healing so that you can move on, if you’re getting in your own way, then I couldn’t recommend Glyniss enough.

Gemma Went

Business Mentor & Digital Stratagist ,

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