For people that have experienced trauma, the thought of hypnosis can be terrifying.

I see you. I am going to talk about how I work with my clients, why I believe that hypnosis is the key to moving on, free from past experience and by explaining the process, I aim to alleviate some of those fears.

I will not describe any traumatic events or client case studies in this blog, but I will be talking about the difference between reliving and reviewing scenes of past experiences. If you would rather talk with me about whether Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is something you could benefit from, I would love to hear from you. You can book a Free Consult Call here. 

I understand that to read about ‘looking back’ is frightening. For people that have experienced trauma, there can be a number of reasons why they want to move forward and make changes in their life, but without talking about or potentially reliving their past experiences. 

For some, they have dealt with it, forgotten about it and don’t want to revisit it. For others, the fear of being back in a situation that they have tried to forget is too overwhelming to contemplate. 

The second thing I need you to understand is that no matter how badly hurt you have been in the past, you have survived.

You are reading this, you have survived. 

The strength and resilience that you have shown so far tell me that hypnosis will be a walk in the park for you!

If there is something from your past that hasn’t been resolved in your mind or dealt with in a way that it is now safe for you to let go of, it will reappear in your conscious thoughts. Whatever happened will be shaping the way you view the world and that will impact your daily life. You might find that you make statements like ‘all men are dangerous’ or ‘there’s no point trying as I’ll only get hurt’ or ‘all dogs want to bite me’ and while your logical brain could challenge those things, your immediate response pops up in order to keep you safe. However, that ‘safety’ response is also a barrier to your ability to move forward. By viewing the world through a different lens, while under hypnosis and through the process of RTT, you can acknowledge and resolve the experience you had in a way that doesn’t hinder your future choices. 

When I talk about reviewing scenes, as opposed to reliving them, it’s an important distinction. Through hypnosis, you will experience a relaxed state of mind. It’s a level of relaxation that you can’t experience through your conscious mind and one that allows you to view what happened without being overwhelmed. You’re compassionately viewing scenes from a distance and you’re able to create space around it in order to see it objectively. If there’s something you feel you’re ‘reliving’ on a regular basis in your own mind, this is a powerful means of taking the pressure off and changing the anxiety-inducing pattern that you’re experiencing.

In my last blog  RTT & THE MIND I talked about why it’s vital to look back in order to move forward. Even though this is where much of the fear lies for people have experienced trauma, it’s important to understand why it is central to making the changes you want to make in your life. 

RTT is an empowering process, especially if your power has been taken away in the past. By reviewing the scenes you’re no longer internalising the emotions, you can expel them once and for all and genuinely put the experience in the past. Remember that if you were hurt as a child, you’re now looking back from the perspective of an adult.

If you do see the scenes that have been worrying you, know that you’re safe. If it’s something that is affecting your daily life, then isn’t it better to work through it in a safe, empowering way than to continue feeling the way you’re feeling now? 

Something to be aware of is that for most people who have experienced trauma, the experience is not forgotten. Most of my clients have memories of their experiences and more often than not, it’s not those experiences that appear as scenes during the process. It’s the subtle scenes, the long-forgotten comments, moments and messages that have impacted their lives in ways they have never realised through their analytical mind.  

It’s also important to know that the process is made up of two parts, the regression part where we are looking at past scenes and the healing part, where we’re creating a new pathway from which you can move forward. You won’t be left feeling like you’re ‘stuck’ in a scene; that does not happen. You will move through scenes, be guided back to the present time and the healing part of the session is always last.  

It’s not necessarily traumatic scenes that are holding you back and your mind will only take you to relevant scenes; remember that without the analytical part of your brain interfering, your brain knows exactly what it is doing.

Let’s finish by talking about a fear many of my clients share; crying. You might cry, of course, but I have found that those tears are usually tears of compassion for the younger you (it will always be a younger you, no matter how old you were when a pattern of behaviour was created). Some of my clients worry that they’ll be embarrassed by tears, not realising that the level of relaxation they experience under hypnosis means they’re not worried at all if it happens. I have cried while under hypnosis so you’re in very good company. While under hypnosis I have also been angry, said numerous swear words and said things that I could only say in that safe, non-judgemental, nurturing environment. You might feel anger and that’s ok too, we’re learning from these emotions and it’s an empowering experience to be able to navigate the scenes from the perspective of who you are now.

If you have experienced trauma and you are reliving the dark times in different ways throughout your everyday life, RTT can support you to completely move beyond it and be empowered to live your best life. I love working with people who are ready to take personal responsibility for their future, who are committed to their future and who are ready to take a leap of faith.

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