I am often asked about why we have to go back in order to move forward. Why can’t we forget the past and just start from where we are now?

How often have you tried to do that?

How often has it worked?


You have to let go of the parts of your past that are holding you back in order to move forward in a new direction.

The reason you’re behaving in certain ways, responding in certain ways and repeating the same patterns is because of the way you’re programmed. That programming has been installed due to events in your past. You can’t rely on willpower alone to create the life you dream of. If you could, you would have done it already. That uphill battle only leads to exhaustion, deterioration in both mental and physical wellbeing and burnout. 

We have to change your programming. 

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is all about moving forward and I agree with you that it’s really important to focus on that. I also know that the only way to move forward quickly and effectively is to tread a new path towards what it is you want, not battle against what you don’t want. 

The first step in moving forward is in finding your ‘why’. It is important to find out why you do what you do so that you can then let it go. 

It’s not always obvious why we do what we do. We say things like it’s just the way I am and accept that we can’t change, often using this as a reason (or maybe an excuse) why we’re not where we want to be. 

Your mind is designed to keep you safe. By keeping youjust the way you are, it believes it is keeping you safe. 

If you have found yourself stuck at a certain income level, afraid of being visible, experiencing self-sabotaging behaviours like emotional eating, drinking too much alcohol or avoiding exercise, not spending time with people who lift you up and being stuck in a cycle of people-pleasing, it’s your mind’s way of keeping you safe. That might sound counter-intuitive, and in many ways it is, but your mind gravitates towards the familiar. If you’re doing one or all of these things, it’s because they are your tried and tested coping mechanisms. According to your mind, trying something new could spell danger. 

The unknown is dangerous. 

The unknown will also set you free. 

Your mind is driven by the pictures you see and the words you hear. Most of those pictures and words are determined by your self-talk and patterns of behaviour, even if we’re in a new situation; we’re seeing it through the lens of previous experiences. 

Remembering that your mind is afraid of change, it makes sense that willpower alone is not enough to make significant life changes. If your mind is telling you that it’ll never happen for you, that it has never happened before so why would this time be any different and that you’re not good enough to make these changes, you’re fighting a losing battle, against yourself, which is exhausting. 

Because the RTT process is rooted in hypnosis, it enables us to turn off the analytical part of the brain and create a brand new picture of what’s familiar. That means we’re using the incredible skills of the mind to work in our favour. Our old patterns are no longer familiar so the mind is no longer striving to repeat them.

Your mind will continue to work to keep you safe, but now it will work with your newly defined ‘familiar’ state and all of a sudden, your mind is your superpower, not your nemesis. 

Scepticism about hypnosis

I know that there is still some uncertainty and often scepticism about hypnosis and I understand why. One of the biggest myths is that hypnotherapists can control your mind and make you do things, see things or say things that you don’t want to do, see or say. It’s not true.

The hypnotists that ‘entertain’ and ask people to do things on stage always used to anger me, but what I learnt through my study of hypnotherapy is that the people volunteering to go on stage are there because they want to be, they’re open to the suggestions and they want to enjoy the experience. The key word is ‘volunteer’!

Sure some people are much more suggestible that others but they are in complete control, always. In the same way, people who come to me for hypnotherapy are there because they want to make a change, they want to work through the challenges they are experiencing and they are in complete control, always. At any stage you can talk to me, you can ask questions and you can direct the dialogue. You can also open your eyes at any point during the session; it’s perfectly safe to do so. It’s only because you are in control that it works to literally change your mind. 

Remember that for an RTT session, you’re in your own home, quite often my clients are in their own bed or their favourite chair. You are in a place that you have chosen at a time you have chosen so that you can create an environment that will work for you. We use the power of an internet-based call so that we can see each other and hear each other. I do always ask about possible interruptions from family, friends or the computer/phone so that you’re not going to be distracted, but that’s for your benefit.

I used to believe that I had to offer RTT in person, but over the last few years, I have learnt that the simplicity of internet-based calls benefits my clients in numerous ways. The fact that you’re in a safe, familiar, environment allows your mind to relax into the process much more quickly. You have complete control over how you set up the environment and importantly, you’re in a safe place immediately after the session. You don’t have to get up and drive; you can schedule a restful couple of hours to journal, relax and nurture yourself. Some of my clients feel safe when they know someone they love and trust is in the next room, which is absolutely their decision. I’ve learnt that modern technology has enhanced the process in ways I hadn’t thought possible. You see, we all have limiting beliefs to work through!

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