Working as a Rapid Transformational (RTT) Therapist, I have experienced the power of RTT myself and I love seeing the changes in my clients on a daily basis. I know that RTT is something that’s difficult to explain; sometimes it’s still difficult to explain even when you have benefited from it! I also struggle to accurately describe the tastes and textures of my favourite meal, but I know I enjoyed eating it. 

To explore the power of RTT, I am interviewing clients that are happy to share their experiences of working with me and the difference RTT has made in their lives. This interview is with Gwen Baird, owner of RAG Social (, a social media marketing and online reputation management specialist. Gwen was a member of my Breakthrough to Freedom Programme, one of the programmes I offer combining RTT with mindset mastery. 

Read about Gwen’s experience and if want to try one of my audios for yourself, you can download ‘Reclaim Your Power’ here, for free!

Gwen, tell me, what made you sign up for my programme, Breakthrough to Freedom?

I have been a member of your Facebook group The Heart of Manifesting for a while, following what you have been teaching about mindset and I love the card readings that you deliver in there too. When I heard you talking about Breakthrough to Freedom, I had to find out more. I read the sign-up page and not only did it sound really interesting, I knew that I needed to do it; it was a no brainer, I had to do it. Having heard about the power of RTT, I also seized the opportunity for a 121 RTT session with you.

In the Facebook group, you had experienced the card readings and learnt that I worked intuitively, so what made you take the leap into working with me through RTT?

When I signed up, I was fascinated by what I had heard about RTT, but I couldn’t articulate what it actually was. If someone had asked me about the programme I had just joined, I would have admitted I didn’t actually know what RTT was, but I knew enough to be certain that I needed it.

I knew that it involved hypnosis, but I had no idea of the benefits that were involved with experiencing hypnosis first-hand. To begin with, that was a little bit scary as I had no idea what was coming, but you were so calm in the way you explained and delivered the session that everything fell into place and it’s so powerful; it really is. 

Can you tell us a little bit about what was going on for you when you signed up? What were you struggling with and what did you hope to solve through participating in the programme?

I was growing my business and I was getting busier, but alongside that, I found that people were offloading their own drama onto me. I would take on everything they were saying, I would worry about them and think about ways that I could help them solve their problems. I found that the people I had spoken with walked away happier, lighter and relieved to have offloaded their troubles, while I had become overwhelmed and exhausted by it all. 

I knew from reading your website and learning from testimonials that you are experienced in helping people who have found themselves in a similar situation. I couldn’t carry on feeling that way because it was impacting every aspect of my life, but I didn’t know how to change it. 

I wanted to be able to listen to the people around me and help wherever I could, but without taking their drama on myself and becoming overwhelmed by it. 

On the programme that you were a part of, we focused on finding and aligning with your true purpose and knowing that you’re enough, just as you are, to make a living from your purpose. We also looked at visibility, productivity, and overcoming self-sabotage, procrastination and upper limits. How did working through the modules help you to make changes? 

I did as you advised and I listened to the audios you provided every day from day one. I followed the process month by month and it was unbelievable how my mindset shifted. 

I still listen to the audios, months after the programme has ended, and I choose the one that suits how I’m feeling at the time. 

Everything has changed. I feel like I have a protective shield around me. I can still listen to other people, I can still empathise and offer support, but their drama now bounces off me and I no longer carry it around with me. I’m much more able to offer support because of the new boundaries I have developed. I can help in a way that I would like to and then I can walk away; the relief I feel is enormous. 

I know that it’s difficult to articulate changes in mindset as it’s such a personal shift, but there were tangible changes in a very short space of time too. 

My business took off! Not only was I able to keep up with the increase in demand, but I also had the energy to enjoy it and serve my clients to the best of ability. My income increased significantly and I even found myself standing on stage, presenting to over one hundred women, about the social media side of my business. If someone had told me six months before the event that I would have been on stage, I wouldn’t have believed it. Not only was I standing on stage, but I was also presenting with ease, appreciating the opportunity. I listened to the audios in the build-up to the event and again on the morning of the event and I was amazed at the feeling of calm that washed over me. 

Was there one module in particular that you feel helped you make these changes?

The one that jumps out as you’re asking was the module on self-sabotage. I knew that I had been worrying about what people thought of me, if they would like what I had to say or if I would inadvertently upset them, but I hadn’t realised just how much that fear was affecting every aspect of my life and business. Now, when I say ‘what other people think doesn’t bother me’, they’re not just words, I genuinely feel differently about this. 

Working with you has given me the freedom to be me, which is just brilliant.

That shift helped underpin my development in the other modules. I realised that I was procrastinating because if I didn’t put my work out into the world, people couldn’t have an opinion on it. I was safe from potential criticism if I hid away, but I was not reaching anywhere near my full potential. That has all changed now!

I love that! The first module, which is all about your purpose and loving yourself through that phase of learning, brings with it confidence in being true to who you are. In living your truth, you become a magnet for other people who want to step up and make a difference in the world too. Have you found that has happened in your life?

Absolutely, yes! All of the fear I felt before has turned into excitement and that has proven to be a fantastic recipe for success. 

Did you enjoy the element of connection with your inner child through the RTT process?

Connecting with my inner child was huge for me, that part of the work made a profound difference and I even have a picture of me as a child that stays with me on my desk now. 

That’s a brilliant idea; I’m going to steal that! It doesn’t matter how brilliant our parents were or whether they were simply doing their best, nobody knows what we need in the way we know for ourselves. When we become our own parent, our own advocate, the changes are phenomenal. 

You mentioned that you’re still listening to the audios, months after the programme has ended, how have they supported you to maintain the changes in your life?

I have all of the audios from the course, I have your freebie audio (*LINK*) and I have a growing collection from the other audios you offer. They’re amazing! There’s always something that’s perfect for how I’m feeling. If I’m having trouble sleeping, if I’m having trouble health-wise, if I feel any worries creeping back in, I just listen to the audio that’s designed for that challenge and feel the effects immediately. 

What about the RTT session we had together, which allowed you to look back in order to move forward, do you feel that you need to revisit that recording from time to time or do you feel you don’t need to anymore?

When we did the RTT session, I found myself being taken back to long-forgotten memories that were directly related to what I was looking to change. For me, they were happy memories that reignited the love and passion that I wanted to feel and they were definitely a catalyst to reconnecting with my purpose. Life has a habit of getting in the way, especially when you’re overwhelmed by other people’s drama and you forget about the good things and the reason you chose this path in the first place. 

I haven’t listened to the RTT session again as the change in my mindset has been so profound. It’s reassuring to know that it’s there for me to listen to if I do need it because I’m aware that as my business grows, I will face new challenges. It’s a safety net and in the future, I am going to listen to everything in order again, partly because I enjoyed it so much the first time and partly because I am excited to see what else can improve in my life as a result. 

Would you recommend the programme and RTT to other people who would like to make a change in their own lives?

Absolutely, yes! I think everybody needs to try this. Most people don’t understand what RTT is, I didn’t at the beginning, but finding you has been life-changing. Your expertise and authenticity have literally changed my life. Having the audio collection is like a security blanket for me, knowing they’re there is reassuring and your course has given me the confidence to keep growing and stepping outside my comfort zone. 

It’s such an easy and fun way to change your life! Keeping an open mind and doing the ‘work’- if you can call listening to audios ‘work’ – has been by far the most profound journey of personal development that I have experienced and I want everyone to experience it!



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