Feelings of not having enough, stockpiling and collecting toilet rolls are all linked to the outdated notion of survival of the fittest and it is not working.

Our ego-mind, which tells us we are only our body and we’re not connected to our surroundings, is driving that behaviour which will, ultimately, be our downfall.

You know that we are energy and we are connected to everything around us. We are all energy; we are spirit in human form.

When we go into fear mode we forget that we live in an abundant, energy-filled, universe. There is enough. In the unprecedented times we’re living in it’s likely that our immediate response will be to narrow our focus and in doing that, we can only see lack.

Remember; like attracts like.

If we only see lack, if we feel that there’s not enough and we keep repeating our fears around scarcity, we will attract more of the same, or in this case, less!

I know that you’re reading this with the backdrop of a global crisis and I know that if I tell you that you’ll be okay and you don’t have to be afraid, it won’t mean very much to you. However, if you change the words that you’re using, you will feel a shift start to happen. If you allow yourself to be curious, you will feel a difference.

One thing to keep in mind is if you’re watching the news at the moment, you will have the notion of lack and scarcity on a loop in your brain. That is not helping you. If you want to stay up to date, allow yourself one new bulletin a day and then switch it off. Where your focus goes, energy flows and you have a responsibility to plough your energy into your new response.

I will help you to programme that new response in my free five-day Manifesting Challenge, starting on Monday. I will share with you why and how the words you’re using create your reality and we will learn about the power of curiosity.

It has been proven time and time again that in times of global downturn, it’s the businesses that take inspired action that not only survive but thrive. We will work on this together. I will help you to become curious, connect with your intuition and, trust me, abundance will follow.

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