How do you usually start your day?

Do you fall into the cycle of rushing around; telling yourself that you have too much to do, you’re running late and you don’t have enough time?

Do you check your emails, your social media notifications and lose precious time scrolling?

How does that internal dialogue and information overload make you feel?

By starting the day with feelings of lack (I don’t have time, I’ll never get that done, I can’t do everything today) we are focusing on what we believe we don’t have.

By starting the day with an onslaught of information and the unrest, at best, that comes from the online world, we are focusing on the bad news, we’re comparing ourselves with others and our energy is getting lower with every swipe.

If that’s where our focus and attention is directed in the morning, that’s what we’ll be creating throughout our day.

Lack, unrest, anxiety, comparisonitis, fear… if you feel any combination of these throughout your day, then join me in starting your day in a new way.

My High Vibe Healing Meditation will help you to raise the frequency of your energy. All you have to do is download the audio and listen to it in the morning.

If we start the day by focusing on what we DO want, we will naturally raise our energy and that doesn’t just benefit us individually, it starts a ripple effect that sends love and healing across the world.

We are all energy, all of us. We are made of the same stuff! That means each and every one of us can effect change. We’re all a catalyst.

Think about that for a minute. You’re a catalyst. That doesn’t just mean you’re a catalyst for positive change if you listen to the meditation. It means you’re effecting change all of the time. Where your focus goes, energy flows. What would you like to be a catalyst for?

If we want to effect positive change, we have to start with ourselves so that we can be the change.

Starting by connecting to the day ahead is the perfect opportunity to send love, healing and gratitude for what we’re about to receive. Our emotions are the attracting factor, so we have to radiate the emotions we want to experience more of.

You can download the mediation HERE and start effecting positive change immediately.


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