Did you set a resolution or a series of resolutions at the start of 2020?

Around now, about three weeks into the New Year, many people are beginning to let those resolutions go and for some people, they’re already a distant memory.

Have you believed, every year, that *THIS* is going to be the year that you’re going to make the change? ‘This year, things will be different. This year, I will be different.’

Regardless of whether you are losing your motivation for the promises you made to yourself or you had already forgotten about them by the second of January, is there still something that you would like to change?

When you look back and think about the habit you need to ditch or the new habit you need to create, are you in the same position that you were last year and the year before and the year before that?

• Has your income reached a level that you’re proud of?

• Is there anxiety around an issue that you just want to let go of?

• Is your health and fitness regime supporting you to be the best you can be?

• Are your relationships serving you?

Whatever it is that you would like to change, it will take more than willpower alone. You’re not alone in losing motivation, it’s not a question of strength or whether you want ‘it’ badly enough, it’s how you’re wired. It’s how we’re all wired.

Our brain is hardwired to stay with what’s familiar, whether familiarity is helping us or not. It sounds counter-intuitive, I know, but this stems back to our primal fears, when straying from where we were safe would have meant certain death.

Our brains are hardwired to fear what is different. We naturally gravitate towards the things we know, even if those things are hurting us, are the opposite of what we resolved to change at the New Year or even if every rational bone in our body screams ‘I DON’T WANT THIS ANY MORE!’

The good news is; we CAN re-wire our brain.

Think of your brain as a computer, made up of numerous different software programmes, all running on auto-pilot. Our own, unique set of software programmes were created before we reached the age of seven, but unfortunately for us, the software engineer left her job and nobody has replaced her. So, our software hasn’t been updated.

We’re running on out-of-date software that was created to make sense of the environment we lived in, the people around us, what we heard and saw happen in our formative years and, like any software, there’s always a bug or two in there. In this case, the bug has probably been passed to us by an unwitting relative.

This software is also known as our core beliefs 1.0.

Just as with our computer software, it’s usually best if we leave the rewiring to a specialist. We need an up-to-date engineer who knows which connections to leave, which connections to tweak and which ones to cut out immediately.

The reason I am passionate about being a Rapid Transformational Therapist (RTT) is that it offers me the opportunity to be your individualised software engineer through accessing your subconscious mind.

This is where your software is stored and if you’ve ever looked at the coding behind a piece of software, you’ll know how easy it is to crash the system when you don’t know what you’re doing.

Would you trust your computer with a novice? I’m speaking literally and figuratively here!

A software specialist needs to establish the cause of the problem before they can start their rewiring. If they don’t, there’s a risk that at best, nothing will change but at worst, the blue screen of doom will appear and no amount of hitting ‘escape,’ ‘escape,’ escape,’ will help.

I am your core belief software specialist.

I can decipher the root cause, or causes, of the challenges you are facing in a safe and nurturing way, through RTT. You’re awake, you’re relaxed and while we have turned down the analytical mind, we have turned up your subconscious mind.

Your subconscious mind knows everything, records everything, remembers everything and is kind enough not to give you the full feature film on a daily basis, but it does give you the edited highlights, which can be confusing when you try and analyse it.

As an RTT therapist, I can cut through the edits, straight to the central plot and, often, the sub-plot that has been lurking beneath the surface.

When we have found the blip in the programming, we can rewire it. We know what you want to achieve, what you want to change and who you want to be because you’ve articulated that time and time again. Scroll back through all of the resolutions you have made and goals you have and you’ll see it in black and white. The rewiring enables you to become the person you want – and need – to be; the person you absolutely CAN be.

How would it feel if you could literally change your reality?

When you change your mind, everything around you changes. Everything.

Love & Light, Glyniss x

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