We’re facing a challenging time; you don’t need me to tell you that. You might need to hear that there absolutely is a way through this though and that I’m here to help you navigate the new path we have stumbled upon.

Even though I know that what we’re facing is frightening, I believe this anagram is still the foundation from which we can move forward. Fear is ‘false evidence appearing real’ and it’s in unprecedented times, when our faith is shaken, that living as our highest selves is the most powerful thing we can do.

When we’re frightened, we tend to go into our analytical mind and race ahead, assessing future possibilities. With everything we’re seeing and hearing at the moment, those future possibilities could look bleak, at best. Whatever happens, it will involve change and we’re hard-wired to fear change.

We’re facing our primal fears right now as we’re being told to move away from the pack, the familiar, the day-to-day safety that we have created for ourselves. When we’re faced with change, our mind tells us we’re in danger.

When that happens, we narrow our focus, our heart rate speeds up, there’s a rush of adrenaline and we don’t see what’s around us. When we’re in this state, we can’t perform the most basic tasks. How many times have you seen a character in a film being chased and when they reach their car they can’t get the key in the door?

That’s what panic does to us; it stops us from being able to do things that we have done hundreds of times before. It also stops from seeing what’s around us so that we can’t see the possibilities that are open to us. We’re not hard-wired to ask, ‘what else could I do right now?’

Not yet, anyway!

I will be helping you to open your mind to the countless possibilities that are open to you in my free five-day Manifesting Challenge, starting on Monday. Together, we can make a positive change. All the details are here.

See you there!

Love and light,

Glyniss x

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