There are two significant astrological events happening this week, the first is happening on Friday 10th; a full moon eclipse at twenty degrees in Cancer. The second is the stellium between Pluto, Saturn, the Sun and Mercury, (when several planets are in a single sign of the zodiac), and it is in formation in Capricorn on the 12th. This particular formation hasn’t happened for over 500 years! I have been talking about this momentous event over the last few months, feeling the effects of its configuration taking shape and preparing for the shift that I know it will provide this year. It’s an exciting time. I hope you ready to embrace change because believe me, change is coming.

I mentioned that the eclipse is at twenty degrees; the Moon is 20’ in Cancer, Sun and Mercury are at 20’ in Capricorn, and at the beginning of 2020, that’s a total of five ‘twenties’ popping up during this time. This is especially significant as in numerology, the number twenty-twenty means seeing clearly and bigger vision. 20 brings with it a strong desire to find purpose and is driven by heart centred connections. It helps us to turn away from division and move towards collaboration. It encourages us to look inside for the answers we are seeking and does not need external validation.
We can’t forget the energy that Cancer brings as that adds kindness and empathy into the mix. If you’re feeling vulnerable to rejection in any aspect of your life right now, this is the time to release it. We have Capricorn bringing the energy of action-taking and orientating us toward success. Mercury supporting us in how we communicate and show up in the world. Saturn boosting our powers of manifestation and Pluto bringing transformation and new beginnings, internal power and confidence. And of course, there is the sun, reminding us to shine our inner light.

Why does this matter?

The full moon gives us the perfect opportunity to release anything that is holding us back and to forgive ourselves and others. The energy is magnified by the eclipse. We mustn’t underestimate the power of that magnification and if you can take the time to listen to my audio ‘Morning Meditation’ you will reap the benefits for up to six months from today. Using the gift of this additional energy will supercharge your start to 2020 in ways you might not yet be able to imagine. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

You are in the midst of a 20-20-20-20-20 awakening! Deep down, you know what you need to let go of. Get serious about decluttering every aspect of your life; your home, your office, your thoughts and the people that bring you down. It’s time to clear out the old to make way for the new.

To support you as you step up to be the leader in your own life, the energy to manifest and the energy to take action is amplified. If something has been stalling in your life and not going the way you had planned, now is the time to reconsider your approach and take another step forward. Feel the momentum build and ride this energetic wave.

As part of your decluttering, say goodbye to the things in your life that don’t light you up and focus on the elements that you love. Take the time to understand what it is you do want, bring clarity to the vision and articulate it. Harmonising your energy in this way adds to the momentum and allows you to focus on your purpose, utilising your talents and skills.

You have a choice. You can view the world through a lens of joy or a lens of misery. This feels more pertinent than ever as I look at what is going on in the world around us and I urge you to choose joy. By responding with joy, kindness and radiating the energy that comes with choosing to live with purpose, you will influence the collective energy positively.

How would it feel to use the enhanced energy of the full moon to radiate love?

We can transform every aspect of our life by shifting our focus to love.

Take some time, today, to journal on the following questions. The answers that come to mind will help you as you focus on what you really want to manifest this year.
1. Are you using your gifts to the best of your ability?
2. Are you open to the transformations that are coming your way?
3. Are you balancing your intuition with your rational mind in your decision making?
4. Do you have the courage to step into your next level of transformation?
5. Are you being distracted by others or are you prepared to stay in your own lane?
6. Are you willing to ride the momentum of this energetic wave and take action?
7. Are you prioritising self-care?
8. Are you paying attention to what lights you up and bringing more of it into your life?

What new systems can you put in place in your life to support you as you move forward? 2020 is about seeing clearly and as the leader in your own life you can be the change that you want to see.

To help you use this astrological event to benefit you, I have created the ‘Morning Meditation’ audio for you. Click here and download it so that you can make the most of the collective power of the new moon and the stellium. This won’t happen again in this way in our lifetime.

Love & light,
Glyniss x

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