Set your mind for Success 

If you’re stuck in overwhelm or anxiety and struggling to make a decision that will

move you forward in any area of business or life, this 60-minute Mindset Mastery

Session will help you find a creative solution and give you some steps to take to

move forward.

What’s included in a Mindset Mastery Session:


  • Full Channeled Card Reading; wisdom from your guides and Angels on how to raise lower  vibrational energy and emotions so you can attract what you want, not what you don’t want!

  • Mindset coaching; mindset is the way your mind is set. I give you several suggestions, tools and tips to keep you focused on the positive and make a plan to help you move forward. 

  • A hypnosis audio; which you can download to rewire your mind for success, and get you focusing on what you want, clearing any doubt and self sabotaging behaviours.

  • Follow-up email; photo of the cards you chose, brief recap of steps to take to move towards what you want to manifest.

  • A recording of the entire session; so you can re-watch and get new insights again and again to help you keep lazar focused on the success you desire.

  • A follow up call three weeks later to check on your progress, answer any questions that may come up or give advice on what might be the best way forward for you. 

My experience from mindset mastery.


Before I started working with Glyniss I was living my life in survival mode. My focus was my son and keeping healthy so I could give him the life he truly deserves. It was a challenge keeping my head above water after allowing somebody to strip away my true identity and attempt to bring me on my knees.  I was surviving but that is not why we are here. Life is to be enjoyed to the fullest. I am back and better than ever and this is why…………..


I felt an immediate connection when I spoke to Glyniss. Her lovely, soft non invasive nature helping you immediately without any commitment. Her reading was enlightening and it was very helpful to receive a copy video of the reading as information can get lost along the way. Glyniss was available for any of my questions and a tremendous support during the changes I was feeling  when I started the audios. The audio’s were amazing and when listened to every day had astonishing results. I became very grounded and extremely aware and focused. I am very grateful to Glyniss for her help and support during my toughest journey. I am looking forward to doing some further work with Glyniss and I am so grateful for what is to come. This lady has gained my trust and she will without a doubt guide you back to the pathway where you belong.


Enjoy living the life you were meant to live!


Nicole Molloy

I’ve read those testimonials, you know the ones, where the person is a game changer, a magic maker and the answer to every prayer you’ve ever had. I roll my eyes and think, ‘yeah, whatever!’ That is, until I met Glyniss and those words don’t even begin to touch the surface. Glyniss has changed my world. When I started working with Glyniss, I was I’ve living in a place of fear, both figuratively and literally. There was no way out of our situation as far as I could see it, neither financially nor logistically. Thanks to working with Glyniss, my family and I have left that place and we’re living in the home of our dreams. We didn’t just escape our situation, we found paradise. I had been trying to find a solution for us for two and half years. I spoke with Glyniss, applied everything she asked me to do and within  six months, we had sold our home, had an offer accepted on our dream home – the story of finding that home is nothing short of miraculous – and we had moved in.


Marie Yates

I worked with Glyniss to help process some blockages and issues I’ve been holding onto for a long time that we’re holding me back in my personal and business life. The process was transformational. Glynis’s has an ability to build trust with her clients, and she is the best resource you could have by your side.

Julie Creffield

The card reading works like this:


You come with a question or area of your life/business you need answers or guidance. You don’t

need to tell me your question initially, so I don’t use my ego to answer. I connect with your guides

and Angels and give the answers I channel from them. Clients love that even though I have no idea

of the question, the cards they choose are always on topic.


The answers I channel are all positive and full of powerful advice in line with the law of attraction. I

don’t tell the future, because I believe we are all co-creators in our own lives and can design and

manifest any future we desire, by focusing our attention and higher emotions of joy, love and

gratitude towards what we want. When we focus our attention on what we don’t want with lower

emotions of fear or anxiety, we manifest more of what we don’t want. 

 This is where the hypnosis audio comes in.


Our beliefs form our reality
, and in hypnosis or the alpha state of mind when the mind is very

suggestible, we can rewire and reprogram our minds with much more powerful, successful beliefs.

The audio must be listened to at least once daily for 21 days or more to really take hold and

become a new belief. As the mind cannot hold conflicting beliefs, the old belief becomes



The law of attraction is working at all times.

Your focused attention on what you want is what lines you up with what you want, and your

elevated emotions of joy, love and gratitude is the magnet that draws it to you. This Mindset

Mastery Session is a great place to start working the law of attraction in your favour.

Your investment? €297 

Ready to get started? Great! 


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