Do you find it hard to go to sleep each night?

Do you go to bed but have a mind that pings to life, either going over everything you did today, or planning what you need to do tomorrow?

This sleep hypnosis will assist you in calming your mind and sleep will come to you.

Cost: €15

As a business owner do you feel overwhelmed and anxious?

Does this get you stuck in a downward spiral of negative emotions?

Do you find it hard to catch yourself and lift the vibration?

This hypnosis audio I created to help you change those emotions and lift the vibration.

Cost: Free

Whether you have a cold, a headache or feeling unwell in anyway, this audio is perfect if you want to regain your state health and healing. Our bodies have a natural ability to self-heal and every cell in your body responds to the mental pictures that your words create.


Cost: €15

This hypnosis audio is for anyone who has a fear of flying.You will find that you can turn any anxiety into feelings of excitement and learn to relax completely on a flight, whether short or long hall.

Cost: €15

Sitting the driving test and being under the scrutiny of a complete stranger can make even the most confident people feel anxious. This hypnosis audio will program your mind to relax, feel confident and at ease in your test.

Cost: €15 

Your mind has the power to influence every cell in your body and when you’ve got pain or muscle tension, this audio will focus your attention on releasing and relaxing and letting go.

Letting go is the most powerful and healing thing to do.

Cost: €15

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