My Story

From the dark place I was in 7 years ago, It would have been impossible for me to imagine I could be living a life of ease, joy, empowerment and fulfilment.

My marriage had ended, I was financially broken, my youngest of three children had just been diagnosed with Autism and I was really struggling to come to terms with it and overwhelmed with the amount of extra care, resources and time I needed to spend with him. I lived in constant fear and worry about the future.

Crying out for freedom

I was an artist, a career I fell into because I believed I wasn’t good at anything else, (communicating and being deeply intuitive wasn’t quite appreciated in school) and while I loved to paint and especially draw, I never felt I was good enough to really make it as an artist. And this thought became my reality.
I had been married at 25, had my first child at 28, my last at 41, and had never been anywhere or done anything special that required me to be brave on my own. My head and heart were crying out for freedom! I was about to have an exhibition, that I had no new work for and I just felt so broken, exhausted and consumed with sadness, I couldn’t begin to lift a paintbrush much less actually create something of beauty.

I ran away from home…

That’s probably being a weeny bit dramatic, but that was in essence what I did. I did make arrangements for my children to be looked after (and my eldest was 18!).
I loaded up a camper van with art materials and self-help books, audio books, angel cards…the self-help department in the van almost out weighed the canvases and paints, and I drove from my home town in West Cork, Ireland, to the ferry, drove across England, ferry to France, and headed East until I was certain I was completely on my own!
I ended up in the Vogue Mountains near the German boarder and only there; with no Irish or English speaking people around did I feel safe enough to be myself.

If you are starting a similar journey into self-discovery and development and really want to upgrade your life to living on purpose with passion I can help. You may be feeling uncomfortable or un-easy with your life situation and have a deep burning desire to change. You may already have some knowledge of the Law of Attraction and have even used it effectively in the past but you’re also attracting some negative stuff.

Going within

This was the start of a huge journey deep into my self, my psychic, my past, my core beliefs and how I had created my reality. The Law of Attraction was becoming widely talked about after the book The Secret became such a best seller.
I completely immersed myself into this and countless other books. As I started to understand the Laws more and use them in my life, things I couldn’t have seen as possible began to happen. I could see where my limiting beliefs had become my reality.
I could see where I was using the Law of Attraction against me to repel the things I really desired in my life. I also came to realise it wasn’t my husband and family I was running away from. It was me!
I couldn’t bear to be with me because I had come to hate the person I had become. Thankfully my fabulous husband hadn’t given up on me and also welcomed the new improved version!!
Over the following 6 years I delved into everything I could find on the law of attraction. I read so many books, did countless online programmes and started to write out plans, made vision boards, meditated and visualised my perfect future and worked on opening up further to my own intuition.
I realised how intuitive I actually was. I started to give intuitive card readings and advice on the Law of Attraction to my friends and family. I developed a daily routine that when I followed, I started to see magic happen.

Life on my terms by my design

And now I can honestly say I truly love my life!! I wake very early each day, excited to begin my new projects. I take time to really appreciate all that is wonderful in each day, and go to bed with my soul mate and best friend feeling blessed, secure, and grateful for what my life has become.
I have come to live my life on my terms, by my design, and not by default. I’ve also come to realise I’m here to communicate and share this knowledge with other women who know that they have more potential than they are using at the moment.
The Law of Attraction is working 100% of the time! Not just for some lucky people, for everyone. However, you can use it in your favour or against you. Our emotions are the attraction factor. Be guided by your emotions, if you’re feeling unease or fear or any negative emotion that is what you are attracting back to you. You can change the way you feel. You can change your thoughts. You can develop new thoughts, create new paradigms.

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