Glyniss Trinder

Rapid Transformational Therapist,

Clinical Hypnotherapist & Mindset Mentor

Learn the Art of Manifesting!

This is your life! You have the POWER to do what ever you want with it. Think about that! You have the POWER to do and be whatever YOU want!

You are not fully living, if your life doesn’t reflect what brings you joy and passion.

  • If you knew that you were here in this life to do something amazing, how would that make you feel?
  • If you could do anything, have anything, be anything, what would that be?
  • Where would you be?
  • What would your life look like?
  • What do you truly desire deep within your soul?
  • Do you think it’s possible to have that?

If you desire anything but think you’ll never have it, you’re sending mixed messages to the Universe in the form of limiting beliefs. Your beliefs form your reality. Limiting beliefs block Abundance, Joy, Health, Love, Passion and Purpose from manifesting in your life.

To find out how I can support you on your journey from where you are to where you WANT TO BE, book a free 20 minute call with me.

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